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Biology (on Serbian)
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This website was meant to be a place where I wanted to embrace our slav culture of all slav countries (without politics)
Here I wanted to show our culture, languages, music, myths, slavic mythology (especially this since I'm really invested
in it), food, dance (styles of folklore dance), traditional clothes, and also modern day culture that we are facing every
day. But I couldn't finish the site because of many things I have to do in real life, and also because I've lost motivation
to do it, maybe someday when the hyperfixation kicks in again, I'll get back to work on it, but of course I'll need some
help of my friends (who are also slavs) so I can fit in all slav countries in this website.

Here are some screenshots of it:

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This site is created to help me study biology, if you couldn't tell, biology is one of my favourite subjects in highschool.
I created it last year when I was 3rd year of hs, i really needed it then because I had so much to study from biology and this
website helped me so much in it because I could review the lessons all over again while posting about them on the website.
And now I'm keeping it because it helps me study for the enrolling in the University of Medicine, since I have to know biology
and chemistry to enroll. And yeah... these days I haven't really worked on it... but I'll definitely find a time to work on it
in the end. The layout isn't mine, it's SadGirlOnline's, and the credit is given on the website for it of course. Also I wanted
to explain that this site is of course on my native language since it was easier to memorize all of the lessons i posted on
there, if you want to translate it, use google translate option on your browser (if it appears, if it doesen't then I'm sorry lol)

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UPDATE: I changed the whole design of the website because now it looks more simpler than it was before.

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Avril Lavigne shrine

As you can see by the name, this is a website shrine for Avril Lavigne. I'm a fan of her and I love her and her songs, so I
wanted to embrace my love for her by making this website. I didn't put much effort into the layout colors and headers, because
I mostly wanted to focus on the content of the pages. This website has gallery, chat, blog and sponsors. The sponsors are my
friends on one discord server that I'm in, I recommend to check it out :)

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My Neocities profile

I also decided to make Neocities profile since Neocities is like some sort of social media too, I have this website for over
a year now, it's the oldest website I'm having out there, and honestly I stopped working on it too... I still have some parts
that are work in progress, so I hope I'll find time to continue working on it.

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Website I didn't link

There's one website I didn't link for safety reasons, but I'll show you the screenshots of it w some parts censored. This
site is about selling posters I still have in my bedroom, I collected them from magazines I've always bought (and I still do)
and they pilled up, and that's why I wanted to sell them, and also to earn some of my money. For the marketing, I made this
website and edited all the pictures (of 70-ish number of posters i have), and I tried to tell my in real life friends, and
my brother, and I told them to spread the story but the thing failed because noone was interested in buying it... The prices
were low too, but simply nothing helped to grow the business, so I was just left with this website, in the end I'll keep it
as a memory... I also wanted to transform that website into database 3000, but I was too lazy to change the layouts n shit
and I was too attached to it in the end lol

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Website I plan to start

Since I already have biology website, and since in order to enroll in the University of Medicine you have to know both biology
and chemistry, I'll be making chemistry website so I could have the focus on chemistry, as the same focus I have on biology. It
will have the same layout I've used for biology website, I'll just turn it into blue, or leave the original colors SadGirlOnline
put. I hope I will start working on it soon, because I really need to focus on these 2 subjects as soon as possible. After I finish
the basics of it, I'll add it on this list :)

UPDATE: I created the website and designed it and started posting lessons on it, thus I'm going to show you some screenshots of it. Though.... It's stil in Serbian as my Biology website.

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This website

And in the end, obviously, this website falls into this list too! Thank you for coming all the way down and for reading all of
this, I really appreciate it! And honestly I wanted to make this as my first database because I wanted to introduce y'all with my
work (that's halfway other's work, refering to the SadGirlOnline's layouts, I thank her alot!!!). There will also be more lists
as I will put effort to find them on Spacehey and other social medias I'm on.

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