Super Mega Giga Database 3000

welcome to the database, here you can find various
links that i wanted to save. next to this box you'll find
navigation where you can find other databases, and on this
page you'll find various boxes that will lead you to
different databases i stored, have fun exploring!
My other websites
here you can check out my other
works i did (and haven't
finished yet...)
Please give me requests for more lists here!
Resources for graphics
this masterlist is ab posts on spacehey that are
masterlists of graphics and various decorations,
whether it be your profile or your post
Codes (HTML/CSS) and Layouts

those codes may help you in decorating your profile, and layouts may help you find inspo, again posts from Spacehey

My cool posts on Spacehey

just featuring some of my posts from my spacehey blog because why not...

Websites recommendations from Neocities

see my recommendations ab niche cool sites that were made on Neocities

Graphics & Codes & Layouts

posts on Spacehey that have all in one

Revival websites

Some revival websites that I recommend + more